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[1.0.5] - 2021-06-16

HR Added
Payroll + Employee
Auto Product Add Enabled (in new sale)
Purchase Order Added (PO Number & PO Date)

[1.0.4] - 2021-02-07

Voucher Approval Added
Invoice Mail Added (SMTP)
Company Module Update
Balance Transfer Added
Invoice to PDF added
Invoice Notification
Customer Module Update

[1.0.3] - 2021-01-26

Heartbeat Detector added into dashboard
Auto header in voucher
Credit to Cash added in voucher
Customer Module Updated
Company Module Updated
Directory UI Updated
User Policy Updated
Sales Module Updated

[1.0.2] - 2020-09-14

Requiring Invoice added into Sales Module
Serial added into Inventory, Wirehouse & Sales Module
Credit added into Customer & Accounting Module
VAT Report added into Accounting & Report Module
Web based cron added for Requiring Invoice
Dorment HR Module added (Not Available)

[1.0.0] - 2019-05-20

Sales Module Added
Accounting Module Added
User Module Added
Inventory Module Added
Report Module Added
Wirehouse Module Added
Company Module Added
Customer Module Added